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Linus and Chris in the backyard.

Linus and Chris in the backyard. (Click on photo to read blog post.)

Linus waits for Chris to bounce the tennis ball. I love how his pink ear looks like he’s listening.


Linus: Jack Russell Terrier, Parsons. Abandoned. Found in a creek, waterlogged and half-drowned. Has severe, owner-directed aggression, seizures, fear, and scar tissue inside and out. Needs a blue blanket to tremble beneath, a thumb to suck.



Me: Writer. Griever. Litrovert. Headbanger. Cat-lover who adopted a dog and for six months, Linus gave me a reason to get out of bed.


A very frightened Linus waits in the lobby during our first visit to Linus’ new veterinarian behaviorist. (Click on photo for blog post.)

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